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In the basic sense, carding is a use of payment card account data to buy goods and services. The term has broadened during the last few years. Nowadays, it includes hacking, cashing-out credit cards, reshipping practices and so on. Carders, such as Verifiedcvvshop, Carddumpswebsite and Legitfullzshop, can perform a plethora of small transactions very quickly. Unlike other types of identity theft, carding involves thousands or even millions of victims. The beauty of this process is anonymity. Carders don't disclose their personal data and ship purchased good to third parties.

Carders, such as Ccdumpchecker, Icqccdumps and Workingccdumps, aim to facilitate the sale of credit/debit card credentials on their websites or specialized forums. Carders often provide various services to their customers, including tutorials on different types of carding, hyperlinks for hacking bots and network instructions, private message postings and so on. Besides, carders often share new carding techniques and discuss merchant websites with the weakest protection mechanisms. Validated card numbers are valuable because they can be cashed out or used to buy items online.